The 5 mistakes to avoid when painting furniture

22Written by The Foam Factory

Painting your furniture once a year will keep your furniture looking pristine and ensure that it lasts a lot longer.  Here are 5 mistakes that can be avoided when painting your furniture.

Remove all furnishings – Do not start prepping your furniture, before you remove all seat cushions and upholstery. Omitting this step will leave residue on your upholstery that can ruin and discolor your furnishings.

Sand it – Sanding your furniture is a must, as it will give your primer something to adhere to. Try not to strip the surface and opt for an 80 grit sanding for already varnished furnishings.

Remove residue – Wipe your sanded furniture down with a cloth to remove any residue.

Prime it – Uses a primer with a mini foam roller and waits for it to fully dry. Once your primer is dry, you can sand away the drips with a 220 grit sandpaper. You should then wipe your furniture down with a cloth.

Paint it. – Use a mini foam roller to apply your paint in thin coats. Choose a semi-gloss latex paint. Most of these will need at least 6-8 hours to dry. Remember to sand down any residue or drips before your paint completely dries.

Protect it – To protect your paint apply a polycyclic water-based protectant in gloss using a roller brush. This will need 72 hours to dry.

To ensure that your furniture looks brand new, cushion replacement is a must at least every 5 years.


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