How to Pack for Moving into a New Home

pack-for-movingIf you’re moving into a new home, you’ve probably got the complicated logistics of a move to worry about. There’s timing the move, making sure you have adequate time away from work so that both you and your spouse can be ready to do what’s needed for the home to function. You’ve also got a lot of packing work to do. Your life can be made much simpler with these important moving tips.

Cut Costs

Did you know that you can save money, packing fragile objects for moving between properties, when you order packaging foam from Canada? The lower costs of production help to reduce the overall cost of your move, and the packaging foam is a lot better at keeping items safe than rolled up newspaper.

Closed cell foam from Canada can be cut to fit glasses and other breakable objects, and they’ll fit neatly into the boxes you can buy at your local hardware store or truck rental place.

In addition to flexible polyurethane foam, you might want to consider upgrading your packaging entirely to plastic bins. Bins are stackable, easy to label and will last for years. If you ever need to move again, cardboard will fall apart on you but plastic bins can hold whatever you need.


It’s crucial to label things, and to pack them into your moving van with some kind of logic. It’s a good idea, for instance, to pack kitchen dishes and accessories towards the front of the van so they will be the first things you unload. Your spouse, or someone else, can be putting your kitchen together while you’re working on other rooms.

Label your boxes and be specific. Spend the extra cash on labels, and make sure you opt for Sharpie pens to clearly mark your boxes. It might seem small, but this simple step will help you a lot when you’re movers are running short on time and you need to tell them what to move and where to put it.

Other Tips

If you want to avoid boxes breaking on you, or creating boxes that are too hard to lift, make sure you stack the heaviest items at the bottom of your box and lighten as you go up. Careful when you’re moving books, which can suddenly add a lot of weight if you’re not careful. Also, try to avoid mixing items in boxes as much as you can, and see if you can downsize your stuff before the move. This way, you’ll already be rid of the boxes of old junk, connectors and cords that no longer fit anything you own, for instance, and ready to move in.

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