Importance of Fire Doors for Homes

Written by ETO Doors

Fire doors are designed for two main functions. These provide defensive barriers when they are shut in order to protect compartmentalised areas, especially the planned escape route of the building. When these doors are opened, they will provide a way for people to evacuate and it is for this reason that they should be kept clear so that they can be easily opened.

Along with aiding in the safe evacuation of a particularly building, these doors are also used for property protection and to alleviate fire damages. Some fire doors with a rating of FD60 are installed in instances where the protection of valuable property is crucial. For instance, data centers and other places where a fire would prevent the removal of items.

For private properties areas such as the kitchen or rooms with an important amount of electrical equipment and flammable items, it is recommended to install fire doors. Contemporary domestic properties are regulated by building codes which stipulate recommendations on when and where fire doors would need to be placed. Door manufacturers might be able to guide on the best doors to choose. Generally, for buildings having more than three storeys, each habitable room found off the stairwell would need to have a fire door. In the case of two storey houses, the fire door would need to be placed between integral garages and the main body of the house or loft conversions.

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