DIY Style for the DIY Realist

The Do-It-Yourself home aesthetic has experienced a recent resurgence. This has been spurred on by the dizzying array of hand-crafted products available through sites like Etsy and the optimistic pinning of various home improvement projects on Pinterest. It’s easy to get drawn in and spend hours scouring reviews for each vendor, hoping to get a good-looking, high-quality product for a good price. Hand-making, staining, and finishing non-essentials like cabinet handles and soap dispensers can be very rewarding and lead to a well-accessorized home.

The Problem

However, how can you mesh the security of your home with your loving DIY interior? Many people have invested months of full-time work into their interior design, but when it comes to critical aspects of the home such as windows and doors it can be almost impossible to find a suitable match for a hand-crafted aesthetic. For example, a beautifully hand-stained bedroom door can resist average wear and tear, but hand staining an exterior door can be an invitation for temperature or weather damage, which can significantly impact the safety, security, and stability of the home. The battle between aesthetics and reliability often leads to unhappily sacrificing cohesive design for the greater good of industry-regulated quality.

The Solution

Luckily when it comes to essentials like doors, handles, and locks, the most secure industry-grade options are no longer unsightly or bulky. The realistic DIY enthusiast no longer has to settle for a mismatched doorknob or hinges. Many vendors now offer pre-stained or finished accessories in a variety of trendy and up-to-date styles such as oil-rubbed bronze with visual catalogs showing the product from multiple angles and under a variety of lights to get a better idea of what will match your personal style. Sacrifice no more and shop with confidence.

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