Custom Cushions Can Revolutionize Your Sofa

Written by: The Foam Factory

sofa-greyDon’t throw away your sofa, try sprucing it up instead.

If you’re tired of your old sofa or couch, why not spruce it up by making some changes to the upholstery or the foam within it? Many homeowners would rather replace their sofa when it gets old. But, instead of investing a large amount of money into a brand new one, take some time to search for some new custom foam cushions that would change the way your sofa feels.

Cushion Replacement

If you’re looking for cushion replacement, be sure that you check your local stores to determine what type of foam and cushion is right for you. Two of the most important factors that you want to consider when finding the right cushions are support and comfort. If you’re going to be spending time with your family or loved one while watching a movie, the last thing that you want is to keep shuffling around due to backaches and soreness.

Foam Replacement

One of the best things about foam replacement is that you can customize the cushion foam to determine how firm or soft you want it to be. For instance, a higher density will result in a more firm type feel – and vice versa. Another great way to customize your cushions is to visit an upholsterer and have him or her create a custom cushion cover that matches either the sofa or any other design that you prefer. The choices are endless, and it’s up to you and your creativity to determine what works best for you.