Selling your home? Increase value with these simple tips

Selling a home is a stressful affair that needs the professional help of a realtor. However, before you start the process and get a valuation for your home, use some of these simple tips to increase its value:

Get a consultant

For a decent hourly fee you can get the services of a consultant or a designer and they will provide you with a list of essential changes/fixes that could bring down the value of your home. If you believe that your home is in perfect condition, they will affirm your belief.


Perform a thorough inspection of your home. Try and get yourself in the frame of mind of a potential buyer. Look for every sign of wear and tear and damage that would affect a sale. You can also hire a professional inspector to list out all the repairs in your house.


The simplest and most cost effective method of increasing the value of a home is a fresh coat of paint. A new color or fresh coat can make a massive difference and bring life back to a home. Paint the house with neutral colors as they are known to attract the greatest number of people.


Conduct an energy audit of your home. Often, potential buyers will want to know the energy footprint of a home before they buy. You can use the energy efficiency of your home as a selling point.

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