Budget Renovation Ideas for Homeowners Looking to Sell

Summary: Renovating your home on a budget has never been easier.

Attention homeowners, are you looking to sell your property for a high value without having to spend thousands of dollars on renovations? This guide will walk you through some budget ideas that may increase the overall value of your home.

Clean Up the Kitchen

Every prospective buyer will walk into the kitchen, or the heart of your home. If yours is trapped in the 80s, it may be time to upgrade. If you have the budget, one option is to install new cabinets and appliances. Or, you can opt for the budget route and paint your cabinets a neutral color. It’s a great way to cover up and scuffs and nicks without spending a ton. Instead of replacing all of the hardware in your kitchen, swap out the drawers and cabinet pulls to something more modern. You can even use a new paint to give your old appliances that desperate facelift it’s been needing for years.

Improve Your Bathroom’s Functionality

The bathroom is almost, if not as, important as the kitchen itself. If you’re not looking to perform a complete makeover, you can opt to replace old fixtures to spruce it up. Try putting on a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Since your bathroom likely isn’t the biggest room, it shouldn’t require that much paint and time. You can also hang new towels to match the interior design scheme that you’re aiming for.

Don’t Come Off as a Hoarder

When buyers come into your home, the first thing they want to do is visualize what it would be like living there. If your home is cluttered with all sorts of junk, it becomes a distraction and may even turn them off to the point where they leave. Get rid of the unnecessary items and store them away. The goal is to create an illusion of additional space to intrigue your prospects.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

A forgotten aspect of every home is the light fixtures. Poor lighting has the tendency to take away from your home’s best attributes. When you’re replacing your fixtures, don’t forget to swap out any old light bulbs. New bulbs won’t cost you a significant amount of money, even when buying in bulk. Plus, with a fresh source of light coming through, your buyers will be able to see all of the highlights that they would’ve otherwise missed if you kept everything dim.

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