Five simple steps to finding a good tenant.

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Finding a good tenant can be hard, as the tenants you choose should match the criteria you expect as a good tenant. Getting the help of tenants screening services is a good way to weed out bad tenants but the initial process of shortlisting tenants is up to the landlord. To make this process easier, here are some simple steps.

The right house for the right tenants – The property has to match the tenants. For example, if your property includes a large garden, you should not consider a couple who are working full time and hardly have time for maintaining a garden.

Prepare your property to impress – Your property should look its best if you want your tenants to keep it that way. Therefore, it is best to have the area professionally cleaned and fix any pending repairs.

Pricing to Attract – It is best to price your property as per the market rate in your area. This will mean that you will attract tenants who are actually want to rent and those who will pay their rent on time.

Good photos – Good photos will attract tenants to your property and will give you a good pool of tenants to choose from.

Advertise your Property – Advertise your property online and in local property newsletters. It is also a good idea to let your friends and family know that you have a place available for rent as they may know someone who is interested.

Once you have shortlisted the candidate you want to rent to you should conduct a landlord credit check, criminal background check etc before making your final decision.


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