The importance of turnaround services in a plant’s operations

Plant turnarounds involve shutting down the plant to conduct routine operations. Efficient turnarounds are quick, within budget and result in better plant operations regarding safety and productivity after the turnaround. Here are a few areas that are considered important when planning a turnaround service.

What is a turnaround? – A turnaround is scheduled for non-production periods in a plant to clean, repair and inspect a plant. Most often plant employees will have to work around the clock together with construction turnaround services teams to ready the plant for regular operations. The time spent on turnarounds is time lost for production. Therefore, plant turnarounds need to be scheduled and completed on time.

Phases of turnarounds

Strategic Planning – This is an overview of how the turnaround will take place and what needs to be accomplished. The strategic planning phase is important as it sets the tone for the entire turnaround project.

Detailed planning – The detailed planning phase will break down the main objectives of the turnaround project to manageable tasks.

Organizing – The sequence a turnaround project takes is vital as it means that the right machinery, equipment, and areas will be serviced and ready for when the plant opens.

Execution – The execution process is a process that is monitored closely to check if the plan is progressing as per schedule.

Closeout – Lyle Charles says that this final stage is an important stage as it involves checking all areas to find out if they are ready for production.