Top Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling It

Summary: Home improvements don’t have to cost thousands of dollars to raise the overall value of your home. Rather, it’s much cheaper than you might think.

When it’s time to prepare your home for sale, there are numerous inexpensive improvements that you can do to your home that will help increase the overall value and could potentially help your home sell faster. Now, you’re most likely familiar with the ole de-clutter and de-personalize strategy. But, did you know that small improvements like foam replacement for insulation or changing your door handles could make that much of a difference?

Change Your Front Door

A dated front door tends to make a bad first impression. While the exterior of the house may seem impressive, your prospects are ultimately walking up to the door first. If you can’t afford to replace your front door consider painting it a bold color with a high-gloss paint. For a few hundred dollars, you can find a brand new front door that’ll offer both protection from the weather as well as a nice aesthetic appeal.

Don’t Forget the Interior Doors

The same can be said for your interior doors as well. If you have an old dated flat panel wood door that’s about to fall off the hinges, you surely don’t want to expose this to prospective buyers. Consider replacing them with a nice raised panel door or paint the existing door, and repair where needed, to make them look fresh and clean. Most basic doors can be found starting at $20 to $30 and come pre-primed. If you want to make an even better impression, consider replacing the trim with a more modern style.

Old Door Handles? Yuck

Additionally, when you’re changing your doors, consider changing the handles as well. An old door handle, especially worn gold ones, looks dirty and sticks out like a sore thumb. For less than $20, you can replace it with a nice bronze finished handle that’ll make your interior much more appealing. Also, for an added touch, you can replace the bathroom and bedroom door handles with some fancy lever handles instead – don’t forget about the mattress replacement if you have a bed to add that extra “wow” factor.

A Clean Entryway Speaks For Itself

Not only should you clean and maintain your entryway when buyers come to take a look, but you also need to ensure that it’s inviting as well. Look for a plant or a decorative piece of furniture to set the tone for the home. There’s always room for improvement so scour the area and see what looks out of place. If you have a specific theme that you want to recreate, look to add small furnishings here and there – but don’t overdo it. Buyers want to imagine what their furniture will look like in their head. An overwhelming amount of decorations tend to ruin that.

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