Tips for Relocating to Richmond

Are you going to relocate to Richmond or another place in Virginia? Then you might find the below information helpful. You may have already heard of this information from your realtor in Virginia but if not it’s good to know. It’s just some basic information for those who are drivers and who are moving to Virginia.


If you’re coming to Virginia from another state, a good place to go when you are moving here is the DMV.  This is where you’ll get your license and your registration. However, if you’re in the military or you are a student, chances are you won’t need to get a Virginia license.

If you’re not a student full-time or in the military, and your license is from another state or country, you’ll have to get a license from Virginia no later than 60 days after your move.

If your residency is temporary, you won’t have to get a license from Virginia unless you’re going to be there for longer than 6 months or you find gainful employment. If you have a CDL, it’s required that you get a Virginia CDL no later than 30 days after you move to Virginia.

There are a lot of things that your realtor is going to tell you when they are showing you Chesterfield homes. If you have any questions about something they haven’t covered, feel free to ask. You are going to find that they are very helpful and they are going to answer the questions that you are asking them.