The Best Regions To Live In The USA

If you are a parent and have young children, safety and crime rates might be a major concern for you. The safety of a region is generally determined by factors such as the crime rate, the number of sex offenders per head of inhabitant and a good score in the peace index. If you are seeking to move into a new neighborhood, the list of regions below might help you in making a choice.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

This is the largest town in Virginia and it is also the most peaceful one. This city is located exceptionally close to a naval air base. This might explain why the crime rate is kept steadily low. This city has a low number of sex offenders as well.

Portland, Oregon

As per the Institute of Economics & Peace Index, Oregon is cited as being one of the most peaceful states in the USA. Portlands boasts a low degree of crime and number of sex offenders. The city is thus considered one of the safest in the USA.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder in Colorado does not just offer some great views. This city offers a peaceful life to its citizens. The state of Colorado is also one of the safest in the USA with its low crime rate.

Ho Ho Kus, New Jersey

Located in New Jersey, Ho Ho Kus is a borough found in Bergen County. According to the magazine, The New Jersey Monthly, the borough was mentioned as the safest area in New Jersey. Ho Ho Kus homes are in high demand as the region offers excellent schooling systems along with a low crime rate.