Renovations Before You Move into a New Home

Article written by House Hunter QH

You might not think you’d need a construction claims consultant when you decide you want to add a new room to your home, or expand your existing space, but you’d be drastically miscalculating the odds of something going wrong. Injuries, material shortages and other hang-ups can put costly delays on your project. You could even end up in court if you’re not careful in resolving these claims. Fortunately, this guide will help prepare you for those legal hurdles before you begin the renovations on your new home.home-renovations

Basic Claims

Before you get started, familiarize yourself with the basic kinds of claims that could be brought against you. Personal injury claims are some of the most common, so make sure the crew working on your property is following proper safety procedures. It might also be a good idea to take out some additional insurance on the project itself. Construction delay claims are also fairly common, and typically arise for a number of reasons. If materials arrive late, for instance, or if the company working on your project has a sudden departure of senior-level management.

As a project stakeholder, your goal is to put the right kind of pressure on your crews to get the work done. Make sure you’re in constant communication with the project planners, and that you’re surveying the work being done. Leave construction claims management to the professionals.

Final Thoughts

Make sure your permits are in order, and that the plans you’re drawing up are completed to your liking. If you finalize everything before you begin the work, you’ll have fewer delays before the job is done.

Lyle Charles has been a construction consultant for commercial and residential construction projects for more than 30 years.