Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home With An Agent

Selling your home seems like an easy task. You maintain control and leverage of your home. Knowing that you saved over $15,000 by not hiring an agent may seem even more appealing. Think again, this process is much harder than it seems to be. There are even significant consequences that can come with making a small mistake. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring an agent.

You Are Not A Full-Time Agent

You do not work as a full time agent selling your house. If a prospective family wants to come in to take a look at your house while you are at work, the chances that you can just leave your job and tend to the client is slim to none. After working a full day, would you be able to market your house to every possible opportunity? Most likely you will be exhausted. Agents work around the clock to ensure that your house is being displayed in a professional and efficient manner.

 Selling Can Be Uncomfortable For the Buyer

Being present when you are showing your house to families can be awkward and uncomfortable for the buyer. They want to roam freely around the house and ask questions to a third party, such as an agent. Most of the time buyers will rush through the house and remember very little details when the seller is present.

Many Agents Will Not Work With You

Many agents will refuse to do business with owners selling their own home. Due to the hassle of the whole process, agents will discourage their clients to make an offer. If an agent decides to show up on to your home, it is mainly because of a ridiculously low price, or the market is weak. You might not fit along those lines. Professionals like to deal with professionals.

Keeping Your Emotions in Check

When you sell your house, you will most likely have an emotional attachment to your property. When it’s time to seal the deal, many owners will let their emotions get in the way which prohibits the sale. Refusing an offer because it is too low is not a smart move. Because of their pride and what value they believe their house to be, many transactions go down the drain before they even start.

Hiring an agent will not only save you the stress of the whole process, but will give you peace of mind knowing that you hired a trusted individual working hard for you.
Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, a real estate brokerage that created a platform where entrepreneurial real estate professionals have the freedom and resources to realize their full potential. For everything real estate, visit Realty ONE Group.