Principles of Timeless Luxury Design for the Home

If you’re looking to re-design the interior of your home, you might think luxury design would be difficult and unaffordable to most people. You’d be wrong. Luxury design is as much about practicality as it is about nice furniture. Here are some of the principles top luxury designers use to create a timeless look.

Form and Function

Plan everything you do with a purpose. If some piece of furniture doesn’t fit that purpose, then throw it out. Planning with a purpose gives you a rigid structure, and provides a path forward for you to plan your furniture.

The added bonus here is that functional design is also limiting by design. That means everything in a functionally designed room should be easy to move when the time comes, since good interior design changes frequently.

Design Around the Bones

What are the permanent parts of your home? Walls, support beams and ceilings. That’s why you need to design around those. Good design works around your space, it doesn’t expect too much.

Natural Materials are Best

What’s the common theme you notice in luxury design? An emphasis on quality materials! Using natural woods, organic fabrics and finer grade marble will make a huge difference in the overall design and appeal. Spend where you can, save where you want. Remember, you can also learn how to do some of the accent work yourself and save money that way.

Choosing Furniture

Furniture should add character to the home. If you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around that abstract guidance, go back to your form and function principle. If it doesn’t fit the goal of the room, it’s not for you.

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