Never Underestimate Your Home’s Worth

There are numerous ways that you can increase your home’s property value.

Wvalue-of-your-homehen it comes to selling real estate there are numerous factors that you should consider if you want maximize the profit on your property. There are times where homeowners will neglect caring for their property and will take what they can get for their home. Remember, a little can go a long way. Just because you feel like your home will only go for a certain price, you can still look to make small improvements here and there.


When you care for your lawn and keep it healthy, it leaves a lasting impression on buyers that are looking from the outside in. It’s basically the first thing they see when they pull up to see the house. Fresh, green grass and trimmed hedges are exactly what a buyer wants to see. Think about it. It’ll get them warmed up even before they enter your house.

Cleanliness and Tidiness

A clean home is a comfortable home. Take the time to clean every bit of your home as you would if you were hosting an important guest. Take down family photos and memorabilia that relate to you. This makes a guest feel uncomfortable as they want to try and get a feel of what their belongings will look like in your home. Give them a blank blueprint to work with but also be sure that everything is tidy and organized. You can hire a professional stager if you’d like to help get your house arranged in the best way possible.

Kuba Jewgieniew is the head of Realty ONE Group, a real estate brokerage firm that has nearly 5,000 associates.