Impress Potential Buyers with a Clean Fridge

Potential homebuyers have eyes like a hawk. And rightly so, they are on the prowl for “home sweet home.” For this reason, today’s sellers are investing in everything from home improvement projects to hiring professional stagers to help them snag a buyer. They are also focusing on cleaning up the dirt and clutter. Although most sellers are accustomed to making sure the home is spotless for a home buyer, they might have overlooked one place in the home that usually requires a little TLC: the refrigerator.


The New York Times reports that buyers are peaking into refrigerators, and what’s in your fridge could either scare or impress a potential home buyer. This is especially true if the fridge is staying with the home. If your home is up for sale and the fridge is staying behind, it’s time to take a look at what’s inside.

The first step to impressing a potential buyer is to clean the fridge. While this might seem obvious, many sellers have overlooked this step. A dirty fridge says a lot of about the homeowner, and a potential homebuyer will not be happy about having to clean up your mess. Make sure that the fridge sparkles; wipe down the shelves and drawers and clean the walls.

Next, out with the old and in with the new. Go through your inventory and throw out any expired food, including condiments! Finally, purchase new, fresh food. It won’t hurt to add a few items that you might not usually have in the fridge, such as fresh fruit or gourmet foods. The idea here is to make a good impression.