How a Fire Safe Works

Article written by labrarily

When choosing a safe, it is important to evaluate what its main purpose will be. For example, a jewelry safe, as the name implies, is appropriate for someone looking for the jewelry box-like compartments the product features. If your top priority is fire protection, you may want to look into buying a fire safe. You may be asking yourself how you can be so sure this particular product is sufficient to protect your valuable legal documents, date storage, and irreplaceable memories. Here’s how it works:

For the most part, fire safes rely on a fireproof compound which is encased between the two steel walls of the body. This is one of many features that makes the security of a fire safe different from that of a standard burglary safe. If heated, this hydrate-fire-safecontaining composite leaks steam into the inside of the safe to produce a pressure seal and keep the contents cool. Vapor is then leaked out through a built-in ventilation system to avoid excessive humidity. Lastly, the safe is fitted with special materials to seal openings if the flame resistant compound becomes compromised.

Knowing this information, you may find yourself wanting to purchase a brand new safe. This may not be the best option. The price will often reflect the condition and a pre-owned model will serve you just as well in many cases. You may be able to find less expensive, used safes for sale online or at your local pawn shop or secondhand store.