A New Trend in Los Angeles Real Estate

ABC News recently reported on a new trend in the real estate world which has become particularly popular in Hollywood real estate.  A lot more is going into the selling of homes now than in the past.  Today, many real estate agents and develops are creating mini-movies to help sell homes.

Believe it or not, the agents go so far as to hire actors, scripts, and complete musical scores as a way to beat out the competition in the market.  Just as many films out today, a lot of money goes into these films which usually only last a few minutes.  Reports show that these mini-movies can cost anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to one million dollars to create.

Los Angeles

Many real estate agents believe that homes which include a movie are much more likely to sell.  Many agents are having great success with the supplement of mini-movies.  There are a myriad of real estate agents out there who swear that this trend is the future of the real estate market.

This practice is being done throughout the country, but is particularly popular in the Los Angeles area.  Some celebrities have hired people to make films using their home in order to sell it for more.  Perhaps the next time that you go shopping for the perfect house, you’ll be watching a promotional video for it instead of doing a traditional tour.

While watching mini-movies may make real estate shopping more exciting, it’s still best to also go through a complete tour of the place.  Just as in Hollywood, not everything in films is always as it may seem!


Guest post is provided by leading realtor of Glendale, Jerry Armen.  Check out his profile for more information.